4 Easy Ways to Improve Multifunction Printer Security

Do you worry about multifunction printer security? Are you always wondering whether you’ve done enough to protect your data, machines, and business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four ways to improve multifunction printer security without breaking a sweat.

Boost Your Multifunction Printer Security

Multifunction printers are a powerful tool in any business–but if the wrong people gain access to them, they can also be a big vulnerability. That’s why it’s important to supplement your overarching print security approach with quick tips like these:

#1: Create a password schedule.

Did you know you should be updating your multifunction printer passwords regularly? Because you also have to come up with appropriately complex phrases–never single, easy-to-guess words–it can get complicated to manage all this change. Luckily, a password schedule helps you remember when it’s time to update and what your best practices are.

#2: Update as soon as possible.

Software updates help protect your multifunction printer from vulnerabilities, known risks, and more. Don’t procrastinate – make sure to install these updates as soon as possible.

#3: Think about connections.

Your multifunction printer is connected to your network, mobile devices, PCs, and more. If you want to protect your printer itself, you need to protect these connected devices, too.

#4: Keep physical security in mind.

Multifunction printers don’t just exist in the digital world. Make sure they’re in a secure area and utilize tools that keep documents from being left on the print tray–like “follow-me printing.”

Bonus tip: Managed print services

One of the best (and easiest!) things you can do for multifunction printer security is to choose a managed print services provider. This partner will help identify and address weaknesses in your defenses–and you’ll see workflow improvements and cost savings, too.


Multifunction printer security may not be easy, but it can be a little easier with tips like these. Just remember to think outside the box and be ready for anything digital criminals can throw at you.

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