5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Potential Managed IT Provider


In our technology-driven world, incorporating a useful IT foundation is crucial. Modern networks and devices contain all of your most significant and sensitive information, and having systems that process that data effectively and securely is critical to your company’s success. But that information is probably nothing you haven’t heard before. Let’s be real here, the toughest part of IT management is implementing it.

This is where a Managed IT provider is helpful.

With Managed IT, what once was an overwhelming mess of data and processes to protect and keep running becomes a capable system that appears to run itself. Outsourcing your IT management provides fantastic results at a great price. When considering a Managed IT provider, there are some crucial questions that you should ask before hiring them:

What services does your company provide?

Depending on your industry and the size of your organization, the IT infrastructure necessary for your business could get large and complex. You’ll want to work with a Managed IT provider who is experienced with companies of all sizes and industries, so you get the best IT services for your company.

Is your Managed IT team certified?

When considering a provider, make sure they are certified to work in the field. Common certifications include Network+, CompTIA A+, and MSCA and MSCE.

What customer service do you offer?

Savings are significant, but they don’t mean as much if the service is awful. The right provider will offer after-hours and weekend access for service needs, giving you quick results when needed. A reputable provider will also proactively monitor your network for ongoing IT support.

What is your issue reporting protocol?

Along with solving issues that come up with your network, reporting these problems should be a quick, intuitive process. Some providers may have a digital form to fill, and some may allow you to call them directly; either way, it is essential to know for when an issue arises.

Do you have previous client endorsements?

Recommendations are important anytime you choose to do significant business with a solutions company. Be sure that the company you select has given you personal testimonies from other customers without hassle.

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