5 Tips for Protecting Your Print Environment


The business data that is stored on your devices and network is critical to your companies success. Protecting your employees’, customers’, and business information and data needs to be a high priority.

Protecting Your Print Environment

When one considers cybersecurity, what comes to mind is often networks, software, and hackers. What does not come to mind typically is your office multifunction printer (MFP). Before your documents are secured on your local or cloud storage server, they run through your MFP. Since all of these sensitive documents run through this device, it is vital that you secure your MFP.

Here are 4 steps protecting data with your MFP:

Secure Hard Drive

Like a computer, your MFP relies on a hard drive to operate all of its functions and store software to complete workflows. It also stores data from each job that goes through your device. Be sure to control who has access to the hard drive and to encrypt it so it cannot be hacked.

Control Access

Where you store, your MFP is critical to its safety. Make sure that it is placed away from heavy traffic and preferably in a location that only employees have access to. Enabling user authentication will also keep unwanted users off of your MFP.

Update Firmware

Similar to your phone or laptop, updating your MFP’s firmware is critical to keep security and functioning to date. Since your MFP is so advanced, it is subject to potential issues within the device’s software. Developers work hard to address these issues with firmware, so updating them is crucial to your business’s security and productivity.

Encrypt Data

Encrypting data is an essential practice for protecting data that flows through your company’s networks. Encrypting documents before they are sent will protect them from being hacked and stolen in transit.

A massive amount of data pass through your business’s printer every single day. To learn more about protecting it, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!