Are Multifunction Printers Actually Efficient?


By now, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about multifunction printers and their efficiency. Sure, the machines themselves are efficient–how can they not be when they combine so many functions and features? But it might seem difficult to believe that this efficiency can carry through your entire workplace. Let’s take a closer look to find out the truth!

Efficiency in Your Hands

Here’s the deal with multifunction printers: they’re tools. Of course, they’re powerful and reliable tools, boasting print speeds and functionality that other devices can’t match–but they’re still tools. That means it’s up to you to utilize them in a way that will not only make you more efficient but your company too.

Here’s an example: imagine you’ve just bought a fantastic new multifunction printer. Now, imagine you use it exactly like your old printer. When you don’t take advantage of those functions, features, and new opportunities, a multifunction printer can’t be anything more than an effective machine.

So how do you put your multifunction printer to work boosting efficiency? Start by focusing on these areas!


First things first: make sure your multifunction printer is talking to all the other devices in your workplace. When everything is on the same page, you can use your printer to scan straight to email, store copies directly on your computer, and utilize cloud services.


Multifunction printers open up all kinds of doors for security improvements. Take advantage of built-in tools as well as new insights and usage habits to understand better how you interact with your printer, how your printer interacts with your network, and where weaknesses might exist.

Day-to-day efficiency

Technically, you can just “transplant” a multifunction printer into an existing workflow–but why would you want to? A new printer is an opportunity to restructure your workflow around powerful features and functions, an “all-in-one” workspace where a print job can be completed from start to finish, and more.

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