Assessing Your Managed IT Services for 2019


Now that we are well into the new year, it is a great time to take a look at your 2019 IT program. Here are some pointers for assessing how well your managed IT services are performing so far in 2019.

  1. Is Your Tech Doing What It Should? Slow networks and repeated errors are a good indication that your tech is not performing as it should be. Not only do persistent setbacks inhibit productivity, but they also lead to stress and frustration. If you are dealing with these issues, either is it time to upgrade or overhaul your current IT services.

  2. Are You Managing Your IT? If you do not have a managed IT services provider — and are handling it in-house — finding an affordable provider is critical. Dealing with IT emergencies ad-hock is an inconvenient, expensive, and outdated approach. Managing your tech is a much better approach to streamlining processes and saving money.

  3. Do You Have a Backup Plan? When people think of disaster recovery, they often imaging putting their business back together after a natural disaster like a hurricane or fire. While those are certainly disasters that require a backup plan, so too do hardware failures or network breaches. Essentially any threat to your data security requires an emergency backup plan to get you back on your feet after the fact.

  4. Are Things Running Smoothly? The whole point of modern technology is to make your life easier. So, if your current systems are not working, look for opportunities for improvement. Chances are that there is a solution, application, device, or product available that will help streamline your business systems. Do you need help wrangling in your print costs? If, so managed print services will help curtail waste and cut costs.

Answering these questions is a great way to assess how well your current systems align with your overall business goals. If you need help with managed IT services, backup services, managed print, or more, contact us today to get started.