Choosing a Managed Print Services Partner


If you’re considering a managed print services contract, you’re probably wondering how you can choose the best provider for your business. There’s a lot more to the picture than break-fix solutions and consumables. You can enjoy cost savings and a wide range of benefits if you take full advantage of an excellent managed print services program.

What Does Managed Print Offer?

Managed print services is an outsourcing solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years as companies move toward better utilizing their existing technology. There are myriad benefits associated with managed print services, including saving time and controlling costs. Companies with managed print services report benefits such as:

  • More secure, control, and reporting within a business print environment
  • Less burden on IT staff and fewer disruptions to IT infrastructure
  • Better cost monitoring and visibility over print budget
  • Enhanced ability to meet sustainability goals
  • More data on print habits and processes
  • Ongoing process improvements
  • Better supply chain and vendor relationship

Choosing a Provider

What should you look for in a managed print services contract? Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Security is always a top priority: Make sure you’re choosing a provider who understands that today’s businesses operate in an increasingly vulnerable environment. Security should always be at the top of your provider’s priority list.
  2. Integration should be easy: Your managed services provider should be looking for ways to integrate your current IT infrastructure with your print environment.
  3. Reporting is key: You’ll want to have new insights into how your organization’s print environment functions and where there’s room for improvement. Make sure you choose a provider that’s willing to do the heavy lifting in providing you with the data you need to make decisions.

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