Go Digital With Scanning


Has your company acquired a document scanning solution? Without scanning capabilities, there’s no avenue for capturing and reformatting hard copy documents into digital formats. With more and more organizations replacing paper processes with digital alternatives, businesses without scanning capabilities are missing out on some valuable opportunities.

Scanning Categories

All scanners are alike in that they capture images of documents, but you’ll want the correct feature package to meet your workgroup’s unique requirements. Here’s a quick look at some of the types of scanners currently available.


Small businesses do very well with workgroup-sized scanners. These are popular in the hospitality and retail sectors.


Departmental scanners won’t take up much more room than workgroup scanners, but they can handle larger volumes. They’re a perfect solution for professional services where scanning large batches in a variety of forms is a requirement.


For large-batch processing, production scanners are essential. If you’re tasked with scanning thousands of archived documents, a production scanner can make the job faster and easier.


A portable scanner is perfect for remote and traveling staff members. Most will tuck into a laptop and can be battery powered.

Scanning Features

After you’ve decided which type of scanner fits your requirements the best, you’ll need to consider features.

  • Resolution —Choose a scanner with a DPI high enough for your scanning requirements.
  • Duty cycle —How many documents will you scan in a typical day? Give yourself enough room, so you’re not operating the scanner to its maximum recommended duty cycle on a regular basis.
  • Pages per minute —If you’re scanning hundreds or thousands of documents per day, PPM will be an essential factor.
  • Routing capabilities —You’ll need a scanning solution for routing information to locations like email, network folders, and document management systems.

Do you have the right scanning equipment for your requirements? Contact MMIT for help making the right choice today.