Try Managed Print to Attack Your Third-Highest Operating Expense


It’s common to think of printing costs as an expense that isn’t very high and doesn’t require extensive tracking. Unfortunately, most business managers and owners have no hard numbers when it comes to documenting printing costs.

The Real Story

The surprising truth is that, for many businesses, printing costs rank just behind rent and payroll, coming in a strong third on the red side of the balance sheet. Surprised? Most business owners are, which is why so many are searching for solutions from managed print providers. Here are the changes your company can expect.

Improved Management

You can get more from your copiers and printers, and you can do it for less than you’re spending now.

Managed print services providers work with your existing equipment to improve the way you and your employees interact with the print infrastructure while also addressing equipment performance. Look for:

  • Improved equipment support for your existing fleet, including proactive maintenance and fast service when something goes wrong.
  • High-quality supplies and on-time, hassle-free shipments.
  • Access to solutions that reduce print costs and improve print-related workflows.

Rules-Based Printing

Uncontrolled printing may be the leading culprit behind your high printing costs. Rules-Based Printing lets you set limits and restrictions to bring costs back in line.

  • Establish rules to prevent employees from printing emails, web pages, and personal documents.
  • Route high-volume print jobs to the most cost-effective device.
  • Use default settings to enable automatic duplexing or two-sided printing to reduce paper consumption.
  • Default color printers to use black and white whenever possible.
  • Use routing rules to pinpoint errors and duplications before printing.
  • Use charge-back software to track costs for internal departments and clients.

Managed Print Services can help your organization reduce wasteful printing habits, improve document security, and reduce equipment downtime. To find out how, contact us at MMIT today!