Go Paperless with a Multifunction Printer


Going digital in the office is a worthwhile goal and one that delivers some noteworthy benefits. Business leaders cite advantages like lower costs, improved productivity, enhanced document security, and greener office processes.

The Paperless Office

The term paperless office has been in use for years, but the last few have seen an upswing in efforts to achieve a truly digital office. If your business is looking for a way to make implementation a little easier to take, look no further than the multifunction printer. Here’s why.

Where to begin?

One doesn’t simply turn on a switch and become a paperless office overnight. The transition requires a new mindset, a robust document management system, and the right equipment to bring everything into alignment. Somewhat ironically, a printer is often the key to a successful paperless office transition. Read on to find out how a multifunction printer can facilitate your organization’s conversion from paper dependency to a streamlined digital workplace.

1. Monitor your progress.

With the right multifunction printer and software, managers can easily monitor paper usage. Combined with a document management system, monitoring is a very effective way to reduce print output. As your team gets accustomed to using your electronic document management system, you should see a steady decrease in paper consumption.

2. Scan and convert.

Multifunction printers have built-in scanning and storage features that allow users to bypass printing in favor of digital alternatives. Instead of printing out thousands of hard copy documents each year, your employees can:

  • Scan and convert documents to digital formats.
  • Route converted documents directly to workflows.
  • Share documents with others without printing.
  • Store documents on the multifunction printer or in cloud repositories for access by multiple users.

As a tool for your company’s transition to a paperless office, the multifunction printer is second to none. Contact us at MMIT to find out more today!