Konica Minolta Earns Honor with the U-Bix 480 Certified as a Copying Machine Heritage

Tokyo (November 28, 2018) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the U-Bix 480, which was Japan’s first indirect dry type electrophotographic copying machine, manufactured using domestic technology by Konishiroku Photo Industry Co., Ltd., a former company of Konica Minolta, was certified as a “Copying Machine Heritage” established by the Imaging Society of Japan (ISJ).

The U-Bix 480, the first PPC copying machine (plain paper copying machine) of Konishiroku Photo Industry, was introduced at a business show in 1970 and released in January 1971. The machine was a sensation because it was Japan’s first indirect dry type electrophotographic copying machine using domestic technology and produced beautiful, fine images at half the copying cost of conventional machines. The copying machine was so popular that Konishiroku Photo Industry struggled to keep up with production. Since then, copying machines have been one of Konica Minolta’s leading products along with cameras and films.

The ISJ’s high recognition of the U-Bix 480 manufactured about 50 years ago as a historically valuable technology and product is an encouragement to Konica Minolta, which is determined to keep creating products and services that offer new values to customers and society through the ongoing digital transformation.