Managed IT: Anatomy of a Great Provider


How do you tell a decent managed IT services provider from an excellent one? What are the signs that you’ve created a partnership that will benefit your security, your efficiency, your budget, and your entire company? Today we’ll help you answer these questions and more by taking a look at the “anatomy” of a great managed IT provider!

Looking Closely

At first glance, many managed IT services providers look like they’d be a good fit. They might have smart, professional technicians or offer enough variety that you can always find the services and supplies you need. They might even have fast answers to all of your questions. However, if they’re not interested in creating a partnership with your company, they’re not the right fit.

Providers like that won’t often take the time to learn your company inside and out, meaning that you’ll end up with “cookie-cutter” solutions that never quite fit. Just remember, most providers are decent–but only a perfect provider will want to create a real, lasting relationship with your business.

Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of a great provider!

#1: Listening ears

Providers who don’t take the time to answer your questions thoroughly and honestly just aren’t going to be a good fit. Instead, they should be eager to include you in every conversation.

#2: Helping hands

A perfect provider will always be there with professional, polite technicians to solve your problems and keep your machines in good working order. They’ll also have a fast response time so that you’re never left in a tight spot.

#3: A clever mind

You want a provider who can offer targeted, savvy solutions for your unique needs, as well as guide you through rapidly-changing technology. All while helping you stay cost-effective and efficient. Intelligent providers know how to combine industry knowledge with data they’ve gathered about your unique company.

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