Managed IT Services: Signs You’re With the Wrong Provider

Managed IT services is only as good as the provider you choose. Unfortunately, there are a lot of not-so-great providers out there–so how do you know if you made the wrong decision? Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to make a change.

Doing Managed IT Services the Wrong Way

Although you can count on managed IT services to look great on paper, there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle this solution–and not all providers realize that. Instead, they think every IT project is the same and treat you like your company isn’t unique at all.

Here are a few big signs that you might be with the wrong provider:

You’re not utilizing your technology.

If your devices seem to be running you instead of the other way around, you have a problem. Managed IT services providers are supposed to help you get more out of your existing technology. They should also give advice on which devices are carrying their weight and which could be consolidated to strengthen your approach.

You’re paying way too much.

Managed IT services shouldn’t be a drain on your budget. Perhaps more importantly, it shouldn’t sit idle and let you waste money on inefficient practices, unnecessary devices, and other avoidable issues. If these things sound familiar, you might need a new provider–one who can help you turn your tech into a money-saving solution.

You have constant IT problems.

Are you experiencing the same IT issues as a broken record? That means your provider isn’t helping you reach the core cause of your problems and is instead treating symptoms. This is a sign that your provider isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, which is what you need to really overcome IT struggles.

You can’t see results.

If you look back on your experience with managed IT services up until this point and wonder what changed, you might be with the wrong provider. After all, managed IT should show all kinds of results–like stronger workflows, better security, and more–so if you can’t identify them, you’re missing out.


The good news is that, while there’s a wrong way to do managed IT services, there’s also a right way. You just need to find a provider who understands the task, learns about your business, and can provide real recommendations and support. That’s the difference between an unreliable provider and a true IT partner.

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