Multifunction Printer Tips: A3 vs. A4

Are you looking for the perfect multifunction printer for your business? Do you keep seeing “A3” and “A4” without any explanation whatsoever? Not to worry–you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what you need to know about A3 and A4 multifunction printer designations and how they impact your tech choices.

Multifunction Printer Types

Put simply, A3 and A4 are just two different types of multifunction printer designs. It’s important to know what makes each machine type unique–that way, you can choose a device that fits your needs, budget, and expectations (plus, you can show off your advanced multifunction printer knowledge).

Let’s break down the differences:

A3 Multifunction Printer

If you’re looking for a more flexible machine, an A3 multifunction printer might be your new best friend. These devices can print on larger paper and also handles letter, legal, postcard, and envelope projects, just to name a few. They tend to have a bigger footprint and a price tag to match, but they can handle high print volumes without breaking a sweat. They also offer the versatility you won’t get from other machines.

A4 Multifunction Printer

An A4 multifunction printer is the smaller, less flexible machine type. It can generally work with letter and legal paper sizes, but it doesn’t always offer postcards, envelopes, and other specialty print options. These devices are smaller and less expensive, but they also hold less toner, which means they can’t handle the same print volume as the A4 without constant interruptions.

Choosing Your Printer

A3 and A4 multifunction printer types have their strengths and weaknesses. When choosing the right device for your business, make sure to consider things like available space, budget, current and future needs, and more. Remember, the A3 can do more–but that’s only helpful if you actually need to do those things; otherwise, an A3 machine might be just what you need.


There’s a lot to know about multifunction printer types, but understanding A3 and A4 designations will help you narrow down your options. Simply put, A3 machines are bigger and more versatile, while A4 devices are smaller and more budget-friendly.

Are you looking for the perfect multifunction printer? Not sure whether you need an A3 or an A4? Contact us today for help cutting this big decision down to size.