Managed Print Helps Healthcare Facilities Reduce Costs and Improve Processes


Hospitals and others in the healthcare industry are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs without compromising patient care. It’s a monumental task, and one no reputable healthcare facility takes lightly.

One often-overlooked method for reducing costs is through a thorough improvement of the print environment. Here’s how managed print services can give healthcare leaders the tools they need to reduce unnecessary expenses and even bring improvements to patient care.

1. Assessing the situation.

Cumbersome, outdated, and inefficient print infrastructures are common in large enterprises, and the healthcare industry is no exception. With most of their time and energy devoted to patient care, healthcare administrators have few resources left over to worry about printer fleets and staff printing habits. Unfortunately, this inattention costs hospitals millions each year.

A managed print assessment can shed light on the current state of your facility’s print environment. The best-managed print services providers can help your organization streamline bloated printer fleets and get more from the remaining devices. For some print environments, no new equipment is needed—redesigned print-related workflows using existing equipment is all that’s required to begin anew. Some organizations see a reduction in printing costs as high as 30% annually.

2. Establishing rules.

Healthcare employees can’t stay within your preferred printing parameters if none have been established. Rules-based printing provides proven solutions for reducing expenses through duplex printing, print monitoring, quotas, user authentications, user education, and more.

3. Improving security.

Robust managed print solutions help healthcare organizations comply with security mandates. Strategies like pull printing, digital signatures, password protection, data overwrite, and encryption reduces print security concerns across the organization.

Managed print services and rules-based printing are only two ways MMIT can help your healthcare facility reduce costs and improve patient care. Get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable staff to learn about other office process solutions and equipment today!