The Benefits of Electronic Document Scanning


It’s a common misconception that while scanning benefits the environment, it has little else to offer businesses. The truth is that document scanning provides organizations of all types and sizes with some tremendous advantages. The first, of course, has to do with document storage and handling. Here’s how these and other benefits can add up to significant savings for your company’s offices.

1. The paperless office.

Cloud technology makes it much easier for businesses to make the paperless office a reality, and scanning is the first step in the process. Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, reads and gathers information from scanned documents, associating particular formats and common terminologies with their associated documents. These digitized documents comprise the backbone of your company’s electronic filing system.

2. Easier document sharing.

Sharing information in the past was a slow process involving copying and sending hard copies using whatever method was deemed the most efficient. Scanning makes sharing information much easier and faster, and users can choose from several secure methods. Email is a popular choice, but files saved in the cloud or document management systems are also easily accessible to those authorized to use the system.

3. Improved productivity.

Scanning information into your company’s workflows makes it easier for managers to keep tabs on current projects. Managers can also add alerts to notify employees of action items. The resulting benefits include faster access to critical documents, fewer missteps, faster approval processes, and improved project completion times.

4. Enhanced document security.

With fewer hard copy files to manage, companies can maintain much better control over their proprietary information. By scanning and storing confidential documents electronically, managers can control who accesses certain files. Document management systems bring further security benefits by providing audit trails that show who accessed stored files and what actions were taken.

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