3 Steps to the Right Multifunction Printer


Choosing your office equipment may seem like a relatively straightforward process, but it’s deceptively complex and requires some strategic planning to get everything right.

Do you know what factors your organization should take into consideration when selecting your next copier? No matter the size and type of business you operate, the parameters for choosing equipment are the same.

1. Where do you stand now?

Do you know how much your organization spends on printing documents in a year’s time? How about last week? If you haven’t assessed your printer fleet in some time, you may be surprised to discover that it’s become bloated with desktop printers, low-end MFPs from big box office supply stores, and redundant devices that are costing you too much money.

An investment in new equipment should deliver some considerable cost savings over the life of the device. Shaving some of your low-end devices (which unfortunately come with very high operating costs) is an excellent place to start.

2. Replace high-cost devices.

A centralized multifunction printer can stand in admirably for a room full of other equipment, including printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines. These high-functioning devices deliver less expensive copies than desktop printers and are designed to route documents digitally to key locations. With a document management system in place, a multifunction printer can transform paper-dependent business processes into efficient digital workflows.

3. Don’t forget about service.

A multifunction printer with high-tech features should be a part of your company’s technology plan, but without a reliable equipment provider, you won’t get the most from the experience. Read testimonials, check out technology partnerships, and research service response times before choosing your equipment provider.

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