Managed Print: Reactive vs. Proactive Solutions


Printing is often a tricky subject when it comes to finances. After all, without the appropriate processes and data measurement tools in place, just hitting “print” can be an expensive choice. So today, we’re here to arm you with some proactive solutions.

What’s the Difference?

To help you get a better idea of how to effectively approach print costs (and what managed print is all about) – here are some examples of proactive solutions versus reactive solutions.

Proactive Solutions

  • Maintenance. Taking good care of your Lexmark and Canon printers helps you catch small issues before they become big ones–and it also lengthens the life of your machines.
  • Supply schedules. When you understand what your habits are, you can create supply schedules to help you order ink, toner, and paper before you run out.
  • Timed upgrades. Upgrades can be pricey, but they’re no big deal if you plan them ahead of time and create the appropriate budgets.

Reactive Solutions

  • Repairs. Choosing to do repairs on anything that breaks rather than schedule and perform regular maintenance is a reactive solution–especially since repairs are a lot more expensive!
  • Random supply orders. It’s easy enough to order supplies whenever you run out, but that means you might have to put off some critical jobs while you wait for ink or paper to arrive.
  • Late upgrades. Waiting to upgrade your machines until the very last minute can hurt your budget, efficiency, and workflows. Which is why it’s an excellent example of a reactive solution.

The difference is clear: proactive solutions allow you to address inefficiencies and frustrations before they become huge, expensive issues. While reactive solutions leave you scrambling to do damage control. With a little help from managed print, you can make sure that you stay firmly in the former category. Making great choices, implementing savvy changes, and overall taking control of your print environment from the bottom up.

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