Is Scanning Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?


Companies of all kinds spend a lot of time worrying about disaster recovery plans–and for a good reason. After all, there’s a lot to worry about, from floods and fires to hackers and malware. The good news, though, is that you can strengthen your disaster recovery plan with a straightforward step: scanning.

Why Scanning?

You may be wondering how something as simple as scanning could be so vital to your disaster recovery plan. The truth is that document scanning allows you to improve organization, strengthen security, and create necessary backups in the cloud–all things that would be priceless in case of emergency. Essentially, scanning is an easy way to make your disaster recovery plan stronger and more reliable, all without investing in pricey software or complicated upgrades. Simply take your physical files, run them through the scanner, and digitally organize them. Just like that, you’re well on your way to secure backups and a great disaster recovery plan.

Here are a few more reasons why scanning might be your company’s new best friend:

  • It’s fast and easy.

Chances are, you already have a machine capable of scanning paper documents. In fact, many of these scanners can be programmed to scan your files to a specific location. Organization and smooth communication have never been more effortless!

  • It’s budget-friendly.

Digital workflows are efficient, effective, and a lot cheaper to manage and operate than their paper counterparts. Take, for example, a necessary file for a meeting. If you scanned that file using a Canon scanner, then there would be no need to print a massive stack of copies. Instead, you can save your time and money by emailing it to everyone.

  • It’s a great tool for security.

Paper files aren’t that safe. They can be lost, destroyed, or stolen–and they’re pricey to keep around. Once they’ve been scanned, though, it’s easy to add passwords and limit access with user authentication. This means that scanning is a great way to keep your company, data, and clients safer than ever.

Are you ready to make document scanning a part of your disaster recovery plan? Contact us today to get started!