Managed Print Services: Don’t Print Without It


Is your printer fleet costing your company too much money to maintain? Do you know the numbers? An unmanaged printer fleet can be a source of high costs as well as security vulnerabilities. Outsourcing to a managed print service can resolve both issues.

A Proactive Approach

How does your organization handle printing issues? Does someone (perhaps anyone who’s available at the moment) order toner when the supply closet is empty? Do you wait to address performance issues on your printing and imaging equipment until the situation reaches critical mass? Do you wait until an aging device no longer functions, and you’re forced to replace it immediately?

A proactive approach to print management removes the hassles, expense, and productivity bottlenecks associated with the traditional reactive method. Here are some of the advantages that convince business leaders to switch to managed print’s proactive approach.

  1. Be better prepared to conduct business — Your printer fleet is central to your daily processes, whether they’re paper-based or part of a digital document management system. Managed print providers keep your fleet ready through proactive maintenance and automatic supply replenishment. With fewer downtimes and unpleasant surprises caused by an out-of-stock supply closet, your employees can keep business moving forward.
  2. Reduce printing costs — A managed print assessment can give you solid numbers showing how much your employees print, how much it costs your organization, and how well your printer fleet serves your current processes. Solutions that follow the assessment period can reduce print spends as much as 30%.
  3. Secure your documents —Your multifunction printer hosts valuable information, and it’s also a potential portal into your network. Managed print providers can make sure hackers can’t use it to steal your confidential information.

Are you ready for a proactive approach to printer management? Contact us at MMIT for a Managed Print Services assessment today.