Improving the Employee HR Experience Through Mobility


HR departments can’t have missed that the majority of employees own and use mobile devices for work. It makes sense that these same employees would prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to access HR information.

Engaging Employees with a Mobile Strategy

Just like everyone else, your employees are constantly bombarded by digital messages. It’s imperative for HR departments to make their mobile experience relevant and user-friendly or risk getting lost in a sea of information. Here are some suggestions for getting your mobile HR program off the ground.

Put Security First

HR mobile solutions must address security ahead of all other concerns. It may be tempting to scrap a mobile initiative altogether due to the sensitive nature of HR information, but mobility is here to stay, and HR departments must get on board sooner or later. Implement data encryption, use document scanning instead of printing sensitive documents, and thoroughly vet apps to avoid compliance violations and security vulnerabilities.

Focus on the User Experience

Your employees may receive hundreds of emails each day. HR information sent via email may get lost in the shuffle. Mobile HR solutions allow employees to access your document management system without the bother of searching through massive amounts of other content. Personalized messages via your mobile HR solution also help keep employees on track when action items require their immediate attention. A secure mobile scanning solution allows employees to route sensitive documents directly to HR departments.

Ask for Feedback

How do your employees feel about your current method for delivering HR directives? Be sure to connect with senior employees as well as your millennial workforce, as their perspectives may be entirely different. When developing your mobile HR strategy, it’s critical to connect with end-users or risk increasing disengagement.

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