Incident Management through Managed IT Services


What happens when a disruptive IT incident occurs in your company? Does your IT department correct the issue and move on from there to wait for the next occurrence? If your IT resources are already tapped out, a reactive break/fix approach may be all your team can handle.

The Incident Management Approach

A proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure eliminates many of the surprise interruptions and service reductions caused by ongoing system failures. With more than 50% of companies experiencing as many as 1,000 IT incidents in the average month, it’s clear that many are not managing the problem effectively.

The Managed IT Services Comprehensive Approach

As a part of a Managed IT Services strategy, an incident management approach tracks incidents in real-time, prioritizing emergencies, gathering data, and working on a resolution until the crisis is averted. Managed IT Services providers use information collected during an incident to customize IT services for the unique requirements of the individual businesses they serve. As the IT Services engagement matures, this valuable data can be used to mitigate risk, reduce downtime, and provide superior technical support.

Here’s how your organization will benefit from incident management.

  • Smoother operations by eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies
  • A better return on investment as you identify problem areas and recommend IT updates going forward
  • Implement automation to help your organization save money and improve service to end-users as well as internal IT staff
  • Self-healing solutions to address issues in real-time
  • Identify recurring incidents that Managed IT Services professionals can resolve and then eliminate going forward

Don’t allow IT incidents to keep your business from succeeding. Managed IT Services from MMIT provides a comprehensive, end-to-end management and service approach to your IT infrastructure. Get in touch with a team member to start the conversation today!

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