Navigating the Paper Trail with Document Management


Paperwork can be tough to track throughout a business office. Every company features a unique paper trail that documents go through that is dependent on their technology and organization practices. Whether it be papers moving from a file cabinet to a desk, from a desk to a digital document, or from one employee to the next, following the paper trail can be challenging.

Document management is an efficient way to best keep track of the paper trail to ensure that documents are organized, shared, and secure. Here is how document management helps you keep track of business documents and data:


A workflow is a path that a document goes on to reach a specific destination. Automated solutions allow companies to use powerful software to share documents and eliminate paperwork messes. These solutions:

  • Automate document processes
  • Add easy, yet secure rule-based sharing and monitoring
  • Increase officewide productivity and raise accountability
  • Help distribute work evenly

Document management software will help relieve the growing number of paper that your office deals with and turn your workflow into a secure, sharing machine.


Canon scanners are an essential part of document management being effective. Here are some guidelines for creating a scanning plan in your office:

  • Lessen manual document scanning by capturing only necessary information from a document
  • Automatically assign specific documents to categorize in different folders
  • Refine images and add enhancements to scanned documents
  • Turn all incoming documents to digital files
  • Set up workflow distribution based on document processing activities


Are your documents secure when they go through your scanner? A document management provider can help you make sure that the right hardware and software is in place to protect your networks and devices from potential hackers.

To learn more about how document management helps you stay on the paper trail, contact MMIT Business Solutions Group today!