Security Updates That Could Impact Your Scanning Solutions

Do you use the scan-to-email feature on your scanner or multifunction device? If so, there’s an important new security update that might impact you. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you keep getting the most out of your scanning solutions.

Scanning Security Updates

Security is a constantly evolving landscape for office equipment manufacturers, software providers, and even business consumers like your company. In some ways, that’s good news because it means we’re all working together to improve security across the board. However, keeping up with those changes isn’t always easy–especially if you don’t know how they impact you.

Take, for example, the new security updates that will impact scanning and other day-to-day business processes. Here’s what to know:

Google updates

As of May 30, 2022, Google stopped supporting “less secure apps.” Less secure apps are third-party applications that only ask for a username and password for sign-on. These tools are easier for hackers to gain access to, so Google is trying to protect your overall account security by only engaging with apps that have more rigorous authentication processes.

Microsoft updates

Microsoft will follow suit as of October 1, 2022, disabling basic authentication. Like Google’s “less secure apps” designation, basic authentication also refers to authentication with a username and password, which means these applications are vulnerable to hackers.

The takeaway from scanning

So, how do these security changes impact your document scanning solutions? Well, if you’re using apps that only ask for your username and password to grant access, you won’t be able to reach your Google or Microsoft email platforms from your scanning device. Luckily, you can update your machine’s settings to make sure you’re using the latest security approaches and avoiding less secure apps or basic authentication.


Security is a constant conversation–one that everyone takes part in. As that conversation evolves–for example, when Google and Microsoft make changes to their security protocols–everyone must find simple, effective ways to keep up. That’s especially true if your key processes like scan-to-email could be impacted by a big change.

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