What’s Your Print Environment Costing You?


Many companies overlook their printing expenses, assuming that they’re just a necessary evil that can’t be changed or done away with. But if they knew the true cost of printing in their organization, they’d probably be more motivated to gain visibility and start reining in printing costs. There’s more involved in printing expenses than meets the eye—and that’s why many companies are unaware and unable to change their print environment reality.

The True Cost of Printing

Let’s demystify the total cost of your print environment. There’s more than just the cost of your printers, paper, and ink involved when it comes to your print budget, and you’re spending it whether you realize it or not. Here’s what is coming out of your print budget.

  1. Supplies: The first thing you think of when you’re listing printer fleet expenses is probably ink, toner, and paper. Many companies don’t realize they’re overspending in this area because of outdated machines or overbuying supplies.
  2. Maintenance: Whether your printers are always breaking down or only need routine maintenance, you’re still paying for some service on your machines. This can add up quickly, particularly if you’re working with older devices that require more frequent service.
  3. New devices: Many printer fleets are pieced together randomly as new printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners are added to the mix by various employees. This isn’t necessarily the blueprint for a successful print environment, particularly considering the high upfront cost of new equipment.
  4. Employee time: Finally, you’re paying for the time your employees spend using and maintaining your print environment. Sometimes this time factor is far higher than it should be because your printer fleet isn’t in peak condition.

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