Four Ways to Reduce Operating Costs with Scanning


Is your business stuck in the past? Are you chained to paper-based systems and the never-ending cycle of entering data, and then printing, copying, and filing paper documents in hulking steel cabinets, hoping you can find them later? As a time-and-money waster, paper-dependent processes steal the show.

Good News Just Ahead

The good news is that your company can kick paper-based systems to the curb. Document Scanning and Optical Character Recognition can revolutionize the way your business manages information. Here’s the how and why:

1. Save Time

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is software that recognizes and interprets text during the scanning process. This step eliminates time-consuming manual data entry, but that’s just the beginning. During scanning, OCR can pull out key information and use it to route data to preselected locations. Those keywords are extremely valuable when users need to locate saved information later.

2. Reduce Errors

Scanning and OCR reduce the errors commonly associated with manual data entry. With accuracy rates as high as 99%, businesses can reduce mistakes and the high cost of inaccurate or misfiled information. Scanning apps fine-tune the process even further, making the most of the scanning capabilities on your Canon scanner or multifunction system.

3. Reclaim Your Space

Paper-based systems take up valuable space, and the longer you’re in business, the more space they demand. Scanning your information to an electronic document management system brings the added benefit of reclaimed office space. And with off-site storage in the cloud, digital files require virtually no office space at all.

4. Meet Regulations

Compliance mandates often require businesses to retain certain information for a specified time. Scanning and electronic document management make it easier to store and locate saved data.

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