Software Delivers Revolutionary Testing Solutions


Remark Software has revolutionized the way educational institutions and other organizations read data. For years, school leaders were limited to traditional OMR (Optical Mark Recognition ) software solutions that were inflexible and expensive.

The Major Differences

Traditional OMR differs from Remark Software in two major categories—paper and hardware—and the breakthroughs are significant.

Traditional OMR

School leaders are all too familiar with traditional OMR products—practically the only solution for standardized testing until now. Traditional OMR products serve their purpose well, but the disadvantages are sometimes difficult to overcome:

  • Because traditional OMR forms are difficult to print on standard office equipment, expensive pre-printed forms are often the only option.
  • All forms must follow exact specifications or the scanning process will fail.
  • Students are limited to using #2 pencils.
  • Fill-in-the-bubble answers are the only option offered.
  • Specially designed OMR readers are required for accurate scans.

Remark Software

As a school software solution, Remark Software is less expensive and offers much greater flexibility.

  • Users can create forms using any style of page layout.
  • Students are not limited to #2 pencils—pens, pencils, or even markers will work.
  • No specialized paper is required.
  • Users can produce forms using their existing multifunction copier or laser printer.

Data Collection and Analysis

Remark Software isn’t limited to grading tests; it includes analysis and data collection capabilities to take reporting to the next level.

Remark Quick Stats allows teachers and administrators to grade tests, tabulate surveys and email or print reports with a few clicks. Handwritten comments can be displayed on customized reports, and non-applicable (NA) responses can also be tabulated and verified for greater accuracy.

If you’re searching for a school software package that reduces costs while substantially increasing your testing and grading options, contact us at MMIT to learn more about Remark Software today.