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  1. Software Helps Schools Save Time and Money

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    For 21st-century schools, testing is a fact of life. Remark Software is an industry-leading school software solution that understands what you’re facing.

    Every school deals with the same challenges: limited time and even more limited budgets, with little flexibility on either side of the equation. Remark Software provides answers for both of these challenges at once.

    Save Time

    Teachers are experts at making the most of their limited time, which is why so many recognize the value of Remark Software. This time-saving school software solution solves a host of testing-related bottlenecks.

    1. Customize your tests. Save time by creating customized bubble test sheets.

    2. Use your own paper. Just print your customized bubble test sheets on regular copy paper. No time-wasting searches for the specialized paper required.

    3. User-friendly grading. Using your scanner or multifunction printer, scan your students’ completed answer sheets into the software platform.

    4. Automatic grading. Remark Software automatically grades student test results with your included filled-in answer sheet. How does automatic scoring and test grading sound to you?

    5. Grading reports. Drop-down menus provide test grading reports and easy options for exporting to grade books and sharing via email.

    Save Money

    Schools are accustomed to working within limited budgets. Remark Software delivers a budget-friendly solution that has the potential to save your school thousands of dollars each year. Here’s how:

    1. On-site printing. With no specialized testing paper required, your school can print answer sheets using standard copy paper.

    2. Use your existing equipment. Specialized devices are expensive to acquire and maintain. Remark Software works with your existing multifunction printer or scanner.

    3. Eliminate manual data entry. Scanning and automatic grading eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

    To find out more ways Remark Software solution can help your school save time and money, contact us at MMIT today!

  2. Software Delivers Revolutionary Testing Solutions

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    Remark Software has revolutionized the way educational institutions and other organizations read data. For years, school leaders were limited to traditional OMR (Optical Mark Recognition ) software solutions that were inflexible and expensive.

    The Major Differences

    Traditional OMR differs from Remark Software in two major categories—paper and hardware—and the breakthroughs are significant.

    Traditional OMR

    School leaders are all too familiar with traditional OMR products—practically the only solution for standardized testing until now. Traditional OMR products serve their purpose well, but the disadvantages are sometimes difficult to overcome:

    • Because traditional OMR forms are difficult to print on standard office equipment, expensive pre-printed forms are often the only option.
    • All forms must follow exact specifications or the scanning process will fail.
    • Students are limited to using #2 pencils.
    • Fill-in-the-bubble answers are the only option offered.
    • Specially designed OMR readers are required for accurate scans.

    Remark Software

    As a school software solution, Remark Software is less expensive and offers much greater flexibility.

    • Users can create forms using any style of page layout.
    • Students are not limited to #2 pencils—pens, pencils, or even markers will work.
    • No specialized paper is required.
    • Users can produce forms using their existing multifunction copier or laser printer.

    Data Collection and Analysis

    Remark Software isn’t limited to grading tests; it includes analysis and data collection capabilities to take reporting to the next level.

    Remark Quick Stats allows teachers and administrators to grade tests, tabulate surveys and email or print reports with a few clicks. Handwritten comments can be displayed on customized reports, and non-applicable (NA) responses can also be tabulated and verified for greater accuracy.

    If you’re searching for a school software package that reduces costs while substantially increasing your testing and grading options, contact us at MMIT to learn more about Remark Software today.

  3. Test Analysis with Software

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    In our previous blog post, we discussed the advantages to using Remark Software for grading tests. This school software program using scanning to speed up the entire test grading process. With customizable features, there are almost no limits to the type of test questions Remark Software can analyze.

    This remarkable school software tool can also provide test grading reports using Remark Quick Stats. Instructors can use the program to produce class summaries outlining student achievement, question achievement, question performance, and student grade reports.

    The following reports are included in the Remark Quick Stats school software program.

    1. Changed Answer Reports — Would you like to know how often an item on your test generated a changed answer? Changed Answer Report by Item shows each question on the test and reports how often students changed their answer, including whether the changed answer was correct or incorrect. Reports can also be generated showing changed answers by individual students.

    2. Class and Student Reports — These individualized and classwide reports are useful in that they give instructors an overview of total class performance. Reports included are Comparative Grade Report, Demographic Grade Report, Student Achievement Report, Student Grade Report, Student Response Report, Student Response Similarities, and Student Statistics Report. Each report provides bar chart graphics and can be used to inform students and their parents on individual performance and whether or not a student has grasped the subject matter.

    3. Item Analysis Reports — These detailed reports help teachers analyze the validity of individual questions and help show how students responded to each question. Problem questions can then be reworded or thrown out.

    4. Test and Item Analysis Reports — These final reports, including the Test Statistics Report, provide an overview of basic test statistics and give instructors a quick look at overall test performance.

    To learn more about Remark Software for your school, contact us at MMIT Business Solutions today.

  4. Five FAQs about Software for Classrooms

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    Are you looking for a solution to speed up the test grading process? Would you like to have more time for creative lesson planning? Remark has developed a school software solution to help teachers with the entire grading process. Here’s a run-down of the features and advantages.

    Ready to Gain More Time?

    Remark Software is a school software solution that significantly improves and speeds up the test grading process. Here are a few FAQs to help you understand how the key advantages.

    1. How do Remark Software grade my students’ tests? Using a software solution called Quick Grade, teachers scan answer keys and tests, then get results simply by clicking a button.
    2. Is the software customizable for more complicated grading requirements? Yes. Advanced Grade software allows teachers to set up an answer key that allows for more than one correct answer. Teachers can set benchmarks, measure results against mandated objectives, enter question points, select grade scales, and add other information for each test.
    3. Can Remark Software compile test statistics? Yes. Remark Quick Stats can calculate and provide a variety of insightful data, from individual student scores and grades to overall class statistics.
    4. What about scaled scores? Using the Advanced Grade solution, teachers can look up and apply scaled scores from external files for customized grading results.
    5. What other types of tests does Remark Software support? Rubric-style requirements and tests with multiple versions requiring more than one answer key are all supported.

    If you’re searching for a school software solution that can help you spend more time with your students and less time on time-consuming grading, get in touch with us. We can help you streamline your classroom processes with Remark Software combined with our state-of-the-art scanning solutions. Contact us at MMIT Business Solutions Group to learn more today!

  5. The Perfect Software for Educators

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    Busy educators should be able to focus on one thing: connecting with and teaching their students. But with the demands of an increasingly test-driven education environment, it can be difficult for teachers to spend their time on what they love doing. Instead, they’re staying late grading tests, filing papers, and doing grunt work.

    Xerox’s Remark Software is the answer to this dilemma, giving teachers their time back. When we do this, we give students their support system back. Here’s how Xerox’s latest school software improves workflows in the classroom.

    The Benefits of Remark Test Grading Software

    The benefits of Remark Test Grading Edition go beyond time saved and accuracy improved. The advantages of this kind of software are wide-reaching enough to appeal to every size of school district and educational institution.

    Save Money

    Stop wasting money on special paper for printing answer sheets and tests. You can print your own answer sheets with Remark, and you can use your existing hardware to do it. No need to upgrade to some specialized printer or machine—you can use your Xerox multifunction printer or scanner. In fact, you can turn any scanner or multifunction printer into a test scoring system.

    Save Time

    Manual data entry is more than a hassle—it’s a waste of a teacher’s valuable time, and it increases the probability of error. Remark Test Grading Edition allows you to quickly scan test sheets and have them graded automatically, as well as create your own test answer sheets.


    Remark Test Grading Edition is designed with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that won’t require specialized knowledge or training. It’s easy to personalize your answer sheets for each student and customize your tests.

    For more information about how your institution can benefit from Xerox Remark software, contact us today.