Software Helps Schools Save Time and Money


For 21st-century schools, testing is a fact of life. Remark Software is an industry-leading school software solution that understands what you’re facing.

Every school deals with the same challenges: limited time and even more limited budgets, with little flexibility on either side of the equation. Remark Software provides answers for both of these challenges at once.

Save Time

Teachers are experts at making the most of their limited time, which is why so many recognize the value of Remark Software. This time-saving school software solution solves a host of testing-related bottlenecks.

  1. Customize your tests. Save time by creating customized bubble test sheets.

  2. Use your own paper. Just print your customized bubble test sheets on regular copy paper. No time-wasting searches for the specialized paper required.

  3. User-friendly grading. Using your scanner or multifunction printer, scan your students’ completed answer sheets into the software platform.

  4. Automatic grading. Remark Software automatically grades student test results with your included filled-in answer sheet. How does automatic scoring and test grading sound to you?

  5. Grading reports. Drop-down menus provide test grading reports and easy options for exporting to grade books and sharing via email.

Save Money

Schools are accustomed to working within limited budgets. Remark Software delivers a budget-friendly solution that has the potential to save your school thousands of dollars each year. Here’s how:

  1. On-site printing. With no specialized testing paper required, your school can print answer sheets using standard copy paper.

  2. Use your existing equipment. Specialized devices are expensive to acquire and maintain. Remark Software works with your existing multifunction printer or scanner.

  3. Eliminate manual data entry. Scanning and automatic grading eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

To find out more ways Remark Software solution can help your school save time and money, contact us at MMIT today!