Improve Day-to-Day Business Processes with Scanning


Despite efforts to communicate digitally, paper documents still enter our workflows on a daily basis. Document Scanning allows you to capture these documents and transform them into digital formats.

Improve Your Daily Processes

Once you’ve completed the scanning process, your documents are ready to enter your workflows. Route to email, files, cloud repositories, OCR programs or your document management solution for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

1. Scanning to Email

Scanning to email has broad applications for every organization. Turning paper documents into digital versions in just seconds allows you to instantly share data with satellite offices, clients, business partners, and staff members in remote locations. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Speed up payment processes and save money by scanning and emailing invoices and statements.
  • Simultaneously share late-breaking information with staff members.
  • Digitize contracts and proposals and share via email to faster project closure.

2. Scanning to File

Turn paper documents into digital files for fast, easy saving to folders and cloud repositories. No more endless searches through paper file folders and bulky filing cabinets.

3. Scanning to Document Management Solutions

Scanning gives your organization the power to manage your information electronically. Converting paper documents into digital versions is the first step toward a highly efficient paperless office.

  • Improve collaboration.
  • Secure your information.
  • Speed up business processes.
  • Eliminate the high cost of paper-based filing systems.
  • Reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Streamline workflows.
  • Improve project management.
  • Faster job turnaround means faster payment and more time to begin new projects.

4. Scanning to OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, turns scanned documents into editable and searchable data.

  • Create searchable files.
  • Reduce the errors caused by retyping content.
  • Edit documents and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Turn static PDF files into editable and searchable content.

If you’d like to learn more ways to improve your business processes with scanning, contact us at MMIT today!

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