Are You Going Digital?


If you’re running a small to medium-sized business and you’re not taking advantage of all that today’s technology has to offer, you’re at risk of losing out to your competition. Modern business is technology-driven, not because that’s a trendy way to operate, but because without it, you’re unable to function at the level needed to compete. Today’s tools of the trade aren’t papers, pencils, and folders—they’re cloud databases, document management, and smartphones.

Here’s why you should be implementing better technology in your business today.

The Technological Reality of Modern Business

Every dollar, minute, and employee counts when you’re running an SMB. There’s no time or resource you can throw around and waste because unlike larger corporations you’re running on razor-thin margins and a whole lot of hard work. Here’s why you should be taking a good look at your technology.

  • Your employees expect it: If you’re hiring millennials—which, because they’re becoming a majority of the workforce you likely are—you already know that they come in a package with their mobile devices. Statistics show that over 85 percent of millennials own and use a smartphone or tablet, and they’re most productive when they can use these tools to get work done. Make sure you’ve implemented mobile printing and mobile-friendly technology policies.
  • You need better security: It may seem more secure to stay “off the grid” and eschew today’s technologies, but the opposite is true. Your outdated devices and document storage are probably making your business much more vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • You need accuracy: When processes are manual and outdated, they’re prone to error. Automated and digitally augmented processes are much more accurate, and that’s what you need to run a successful company.

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